10 Reasons to check out YCL this fall

September 9, 2017

10. Your kids are back in school...

After a summer of "can I have a snack?", "I'm bored!", and "Are we there yet?", it's time to take time for yourself. Maybe it's getting back into your yoga groove or maybe you've always wanted to try.  At Yoga Cold Lake we have classes to serve EveryBody. The hardest part is getting thru the door... be brave, we will guide you through.


9. It's the season of change...

 As the air turns nippy, and the leaves change, autumn is a time for transformation.  It reminds us that that all things come to and end only to lead to a new beginning....make yoga part of your new beginning.  Bonus, it'll help keep you warm!


8. Good vibrations...

September can be a stressful time.  We are all re-grouping and there are always challenges to settling into our new routines.  Yoga can help boost your natural feel good juice; your endorphins, and teach you to stay calm amidst the chaos.


7. Community...

At Yoga Cold Lake we are so proud of our community. We support our fellow yogi and our community in significant ways.  Being part of such a nurturing and positive community is the best reason to go to a studio. Sharing a common interest or goal, sharing breath...who wouldn't want that?


6. Chips, ice cream, s'mores...

Not sure about you but I have a tendency to overindulge during the fairest months of our Alberta climate.  Of course one can then feel the effects in the body, and in our practice.  Yoga is a great way to kickstart your inner fire, improving digestion, with the oh so convenient effect of helping us manage our waistlines.  The more regularly you practice, the more positive effect it has on your choices everyday, even food!


5. Breathing...we don't do it well...

Did you know that breathing as an exercises has multiple benefits?  We tend to breath very shallow and in poor patterns. Breath work can improve mobility, digestion, sleep, posture, core strength;  can decrease pain, stress, anxiety and so much more.  One of yoga's most important limbs is pranayama, or breathing. Practised on its own or in combination with yoga postures can result in profound positive change. 


4. Learning...

There are so many lessons to be learned thru a yoga practice. Aside from the obvious of seeing if you can touch your toes, learning the tongue twister Sanskrit posture names, or a fun new sequence, Yoga is about learning about the self, gaining body awareness, deepening your connection to yourself beyond the physical.  


3. FUN...

Yoga is fun! Yoga in a group is even better.  Yes sometimes people fart...who doesn't! Yoga can energize you and take you from blah to or Ahh, or maybe even to Hahaha.  At YCL our teachers aim to inspire, and we think laughter inspires.  Guaranteed that if we see you frowning, we will somehow get the corners of your mouth to turn up!


2. Variety...

Many people have the notion that yoga class is going to be all about chanting and relaxation and stretching.  While these are part of some yoga classes or practices, there is so much more.  Fast or slow, gentle or vigorous, there are multiple styles and types of yoga.  Also, yoga is excellent as a way of balancing out other activity.  The repetition of running is beautifully contrasted by a flowing hip opening sequence or the intensity and bouncing in Cross Fit by restorative yin stretching. Variety and balance in our physical activity makes our bodies less vulnerable to injury and wear and tear. That, and it's the spice of life! 


1. You can do it forever

Let's face it.  There are certain athletic pursuits that start to wear and tear on the old bod.  Along with activities like swimming, and dancing; movement practices like yoga or tai chi can be practiced thru your entire lifespan. Understanding and connecting with your body thru your life time in a nurturing and wholistic way will help you to optimize your physical body. And that's just the asana and pranayama (postures and breathing). The other limbs are also pretty awesome at helping you live well. (For more on the eight limbs of yoga go to https://www.ekhartyoga.com/articles/the-8-limbs-of-yoga-explained).


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