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All Levels Classes


Inspired by the Ashtanga primary series, this class will familiarize you with Surya Namaskar A and B (sun salutations) as the entry point to slowly working thru the standing series and then on to seated postures.  The intention for this class is that it is a great introduction to the Ashtanga method but also to be used a foundation to allow the yogi to progress to a variety of other classes, as they feel ready. 


Ashtanga Yoga was founded by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.  The goal of a Mysore practice is to allow each practitioner to work through the Asthanga primary series at their own rate with the one-on-one assistance of a teacher.  While not led, the teacher will adjust, cue and guide you into a deep and gratifying practice you can take anywhere!  Some experience with yoga is helpful but not required. 



An introduction to the Ashtanga tradition, this led class will teach elements of the primary series beginning with the sun salutations and the standing series, and incorporate a variety of seated postures, back bends and a finishing sequence.  The focus of this series is to unite the breath and asana and build strength and knowledge in practitioners of any level.  While this class can build heat and be a challenge, modifications will be provided for the beginner and the advanced student alike.


A beautiful combination of the breath and body connection of a vinyasa class and the sweet relaxing lengthening and release of Yin; the perfect morning blend! This class runs Tuesday 9:15-10:15 am.


Join us for a joyful practice that combines movement, foundational postures and breath to develop flexibility, balance and strength.  An all levels class with a focus on the building blocks of a yoga practice, beginners will safely learn the basics, while more experienced students can take their asana to a deeper level.


Flow through this moderately paced class to energize, strengthen and lengthen!  Connecting breath and body will be a focus of this class.  Suitable for all levels, this class eases the transition into the dynamic and challenging level 2 classes.

 Level 1 Classes


Join Angela, a physical therapist, and experience a yoga class woven with anatomy, education and awareness of our musculo-skeletal, neurological, and fascial systems. This flow class aims to soothe and rehabilitate, focusing each week on a different region of the body.  


Come experience bliss!  This is a slow meditative practice that includes long holds to release and lengthen the body’s deep connective tissues.  Come to relax, open the body and calm the mind.  This class is an excellent way to find balance in your yoga practice and mind.


Cultivate the 4 foundations of mindfulness with compassion, kindness, and acceptance through the practice of yin yoga. Each posture will be accompanied with a metta aspiration and each class will end with a 5-minute metta (loving-kindness) meditation.


Invite exploration of your body thru this gentle, juicy practise designed for connection, leading to a deep support restorative rest.  Free of Vinyasa transitions, this class is perfect for any level and a great way to sink into yourself.  

 Level 2 Classes


Vinyasa means to move without resistance and have each asana or posture synchronized with the breath.  Flowing and dynamic, this class incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, cardio, physical and mental stamina. Create intensity in your body by committing to sustaining a deep quality of breath for the full duration of this higher intensity, faster paced class. Challenge your practice and expand your experience, while exploring the different asana from traditional postures to fun arm balances and inversions. A strong foundation of sun salutations and practice experience is highly recommended.

Class Recommendations

If you want to learn a vigorous, flowing style of practice, which will strengthen and detoxify your body, we highly recommend Astanga Flow, Power Yoga or any one of our Vinyasa Flow classes. All levels or level 2 are appropriate.

If you are looking for a more gentle, slower paced class, we recommend: Flow Foundations, Yin, Physi Yoga, or Ashtanga Basics. Level 1 is appropriate.

Our Mysore program is suitable for all levels of student who are looking to learn the Ashtanga practice.  This class format is self-lead, which allows for lots of one on one progression, the establishment of your own breath and the ability to continue your practice at home.


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