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“The first time I walked into YCL was October 2015. It was myself, Heather and Sharon in the back row and we giggled nervously and were unfocused. When the instructor, I wish I could remember who it was, possibly Angela, got to the happy baby pose, all 3 of us cried in silent laughter. Heather tried to excuse herself but the door was locked and that triggered even more silent crying and laughing. Sharon has yet to join us again at YCL and she swore never again with me. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say I’m sorry to Angela and thank you. For one of the funniest memeories to date.

Fast forward 3 months, January 2016, I walked into YCL for the second first time.

I started going to yoga to support my running. I was having recurrent IT band pain in my right leg and thought I could benefit from some stretching and hip opening. Not only did the pain go away, yet to return, I left that class feeling excited, shaky and sweaty. I was surprised by how much more yoga was than a good stretch. To me now, it’s running’s twin sister. One is better with the other by its side.

I find life really noisy – and in my world of self-doubt and distraction, when I’m forced to really sit with myself, like yoga does, I kind of like me. It reminds me that just like everyone else, I too am capable of anything.

I love how seasoned yogis and new faces alike are welcomed through the YCL doors like we are right where we’re supposed to be and it affirms my belief we are all on the same level. I love the instructors, the community, the united breath, the way my brain feels instantly happy when I crest the top of the staircase and smell the essential oils from the studio. I love the yoga jokes and friendships.

Yoga forces me to be real. Thank you YCL for including me as part of the community, for a practice that I love. Yoga helps me grow, love myself and my family.

And, I know it’s totally not very humble and maybe I even feel a little unworthy of being an inspirational yogi, but I just want to say I am PUMPED to have my picture included on the wall!!”

With gratitude,

Laura Visser

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