About us


B.Sc.Physical Therapy, Studio co-owner, RYT 200hr , Level II Yin certified, Power Flow, Physi-Yoga, Vinyasa Flow

Angela began practicing Yoga in 2001. It was for her, the perfect mix between strength and flexibility...


BScN RN, Studio co-owner, RYT 500hr, Ashtanga, Vinayasa Flow

Lesley began practicing yoga in 2003. As she enjoyed dancing and stretching , she felt that she could possibly love yoga too...


RDA level II, RYT 200hr, Level II Yin certified, Ashtanga, VinYin, Mindful Yin

Patty’s first yoga class was an Ashtanga class in January of 2013. Not being sure what to expect...


B, Ed., RYT 200hr, Foundation Flow, Vinyasa Flow

Kathy began practicing yoga in 2002 with some videos in her living room and then found some different classes in the communities she lived in...


B.Education, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Assessment, RYT 200hr, Vinayasa Flow

Chantel first came to yoga in 2012.  As a wife, mother, and Principal of a High School...


B. Sc Physical and Health education, RYT200, Level II Yin Certified

A yoga student of different yoga style since 2004 and a teacher since 2015, Annie thrives on a daily practice and a continuous education..


We wish for your experience at our studio to be as comfortable and as fun as possible.  

Remember that the hardest step is walking through our doors, don’t worry we will take care of the rest!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to compete waivers, sign in and get a good spot.  Classes begin at times specified.  Be sure to advise your teacher before class if you have an injury/medical condition or are pregnant.

Please ensure cell phones are turned off or silenced while in the studio.

Wear comfortable clothing that are breathable and easy to move in. 

Come well hydrated and eat lightly at least 2-3 hours prior to your practice.
Please remove your shoes at the front door, there are shoe racks provided.  Please remove socks as classes are practiced barefoot.

Be gentle and respectful towards your body, and mindful of your breath.  If you find that you are holding your breath, breathing through your mouth, or unable to maintain a free and easy breath through your nose, please pull back a little.  These are warning signs from your body that should be listened to.
Be respectful of the teacher, if you have questions about a posture please refrain from shouting them out and ask the teacher at the end of class.
There are yoga mats, hand towels, and face towels for your use. Please be mindful of our imprint on the environment and share hand towels if possible to clean mats after class.
Drink plenty of water before and after each class.
If you feel unwell, please notify the instructor prior to leaving the room
Have fun. Be kind to yourself and to your community.  

Please pick up and neatly put away props and blankets used during class.




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